Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my husband for deliverance from an emotional relationship he is having online. Pray God gives me wisdom and direction for this has been going on for several years!

  • Please pray for our leaders of this country, hurricane victims, and for our missionaries from CBOISE for all their needs met.

  • Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

  • Lord have mercy on my son Rocky as he is mentally ill and homeless. Lord hear my prayers for Rocky as he need your help in getting much needed housing. Place him in the hands of capable caring advocates who will work tirelessly for Rocky’s needs. Please Lord stand with Rocky during these difficult times especially bless him during his court hearing this week. Please Lord provide a positive outcome.

  • Please pray for our four-year-old daughter Naomi, she has been sick for the last 5 days and has been in-and-out of hospitals and doctor's offices struggling with an upper respiratory infection and low oxygen. She has been dealing with this since she was an infant. I just pray that her body can heal from this illness.

  • Please pray for my daughter, Taylor. She is being very destructive with her life, and she is blind to it. I have given it over to God because I can't get through to her. She has been lying and stealing and not taking her medications (which she needs to live). She keeps losing her jobs and cars and apartments and relationships - manipulating, lying and stealing from friends and family. This has been going on for several years with her. I realize more than ever it is definitely a spiritual attack/stronghold, as this is so opposite from who she was - very sweet, compassionate and giving. Please pray for God to break any strongholds on her life and for God to convict her and save her. Thank you!