Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my daughter as she is here separated from her husband. That God will heal and take away all bitterness, anger, and hostility and replace it with softened and forgiving hearts for one another and restore the marriage.

  • Please pray for speedy recovery, well being and healthy life for Myra’s newborn daughter Mireya.

  • Judy, who lives alone, asks for protection from her neighbor, who is using heroin. She has had to call 911 for her safety. Also she wants prayer for God to reveal Himself to the drug addict.

  • Tyler asks that we pray for his marriage and that his wife, Katya to come to the Lord.

  • Herrick needs to be found by the Lord. Pray for his salvation, and that he will realize that Jesus is the only hope for a life of abundance and restoration from his past full of despair and brokenness.

  • Please pray for Leland, one of our amazing volunteers, who is sick.

  • Pray for Saul and Angelica, our missionaries in in Tepic, Mexico. They live in a neighborhood that is experiencing violence from drug cartels. A few day ago two men were killed right across the street from their house. Pray for protection, and that they can be a light to their neighborhoods during this dark time.

  • Please pray for a friend of mine who recently suffered a miscarriage.

  • Please pray for Doug, who will soon have back surgery.

  • Thank you for your continued prayers for my brother Myles and his family. Please continue to pray for his wife Rachel who moved out in April and filed for divorce last month. God has used this season mightily in Myles life and in his kids Riley and Joshua to draw them close to Him. Rachel is out of town this weekend with her boyfriend, we are praying for a mighty work of God in her life while she is gone.