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July 11, 2017



Give us this day our daily bread. -Matthew 6:11


When Jesus gave us His blueprint for perfect prayer, He made no allotment for extravagant requests. Trusting God for every day needs was simply enough. Earlier in this passage the Lord explained that God knows what we need and is happy to take care of us. Count on Him to give us what's required not what's recommended by the world around us.  Too much stuff, too much striving, too much stress and our Christian progress hits a roadblock. Trusting God to fulfill what's necessary for us to function allows us to focus our prayer time on others, That attitude propels us closer to the very image of Jesus---the Great Intercessor. 

UPDATE ON ADDIE ABERNATHEY: As many of you know, Addie is a four-year-old who was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor behind her eye. She was to have the tenth of 14 chemotherapy treatments on Monday. We prayed that her preliminary tests would go well so the chemo could take place. We received the following update last night:
Addie had her Chest CT and it was normal. She also had her bone scan and there was some asymmetry to her right tibia so she had an X-ray tonight to look further into that. Please pray this isn't another metastasis. Her doctor also decided to get her MRI of her head and shoulder Tuesday morning instead of waiting until next week.  So she will be under anesthesia at 9am Tuesday. Please pray for protection and that she wakes up smoothly. Ask too that the Lord will heal her completely and use this for His glory.






  • A diabetic person asks that we pray for a new job that will provide enough income to pay living expenses and cover the cost of diabetes medicine.


  • Please pray for Teresa G who is very ill. Her sibling asked for prayer and said that if someone doesn’t find answers soon she will die. Only 8% of her heart is functioning; she has only one kidney and serious edema. Please pray that God’s will prevails and that she senses His presence in every aspect of this situation.


  • Becca Brown, who with her husband Marlon is carrying the Gospel to the hard ground of Vancouver B.C., has surgery today to relieve her chronic pain. Previous procedures have not worked. Pray that the Lord intervenes today and that this hard chapter of her life  becomes part of a lovely testimony of faith and deliverance.


  • Please pray for Stephanie who works in Children’s Ministry and her mom who recently went on  hospice. Ask God to grant peace and comfort and especially wisdom for Stephanie as she talks to doctors and makes decisions. 


  • Recently we prayed for Trudy whose health was rapidly declining. She passed away Monday. Please continue to pray for her family to be comforted by God's love, peace and wisdom. Pray that they rejoice in their memories.