Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for peace in our house. My mother is moving in, and her anxious personality is rubbing off on me and my husband.

  • Pray for Liz, that she would draw closer to the Lord and return to her first love. She feels far from Him right now.

  • Pray for my marriage to get stronger and that we will always keep Jesus on top. Pray that we will stay humble and faithful to our God and each other.

  • Pray for Brenda as she deals with several health issues, including trouble swallowing food. She is working with her doctors on finding a diet that will work with her limitations. Please pray that they find a solution, and that she will follow it.

  • Please pray for Anthony Harper, who is awaiting a call from the V.A. Hospital regarding what could be a very severe eye problem. They have him scheduled to be back in the Portland, Oregon V.A. Hospital Cornea Clinic this coming Wednesday, August 29.

  • Please pray for Laura. Her thyroid cancer surgery was moved up to Monday the 27th at 12:30 pm. She knows she is in the Lord's care and He will see her through this hurdle. After the surgery, the endocrinologist will decide how to proceed, whether it includes radiation. Later they will refer her to a Neurologist for the aneurysm they found on her brain. It seems that it will not interfere with the surgery, so it may be something more simple that she thought.

  • Pray for Ron and Rachael and their children. Pray that their marriage/family will receive God's breakthrough to remove all barriers keeping them divided and attacking each other. Pray for unity and restoration of their love, bond, intimacy, trust, healing, joy, peace, hope and life together. Pray the divisive voices internally and externally are silenced. Remove the people who are feeding the division and defeat and remove the enemy in the spiritual realm that is hindering their breakthrough. Help them to see and hear as Jesus does. Help them forgive, show mercy, extend grace, and know love covers a multitude of sin. Help them to keep their marriage vows/covenant and not forsake it. Protect their girls and let them see the restorative love of God in their family and marriage. Remove the lies, bitterness, fear, paranoia, anger, malice, pride and heal the wounds.

  • Pray for Rod and me to die to flesh and walk in the Spirit.

  • Please pray for Dana’s husband who just had hernia surgery. He was hurt on the job in October and has been on workman’s comp since. The Lord has just blessed him with a job at another company so he will not have to be as physical anymore and he starts next Thursday. In the interim, they have been repainting and repairing furniture. Please pray that the Lord would bring people to buy the items they have for sale. Also, please pray for Dana as she is looking for a job also.

  • A coworker was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer this summer. She is a single mom and sole breadwinner for her family. She has 3 school age children. I ask for prayer for her and her kids, that she is able to defy the odds and see her children grow into adults. Pray that she makes the most of her time and seeks the Lord.