Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Angie who struggles with crippling depression.  She is getting ready to try a new treatment and is desperate for it to work.  Though she is LDS, I believe she has experienced the truth of Jesus and the peace of the Holy Spirit.  

  • Please pray for Diana who is homeless due to her addiction to alcohol.  She has caused a lot of hurt and pain to her family (and herself), please pray for long-term sobriety and repentance.

  • Pray for Derrick. He is being treated for a brain tumor, and doctors are deciding whether to put him back on a medication he was on previously. If he has to be on that medication, pray that he would be more functional than he was last time. That he would feel well. His blood work comes in Friday to determine whether he is a candidate for that medication.

  • Pray for Larry, who is 57 years old and dying of cancer. Pray for healing, and most importantly for his salvation.

  • Please pray for my grandson Justin. He is having a hard time dealing with his father’s illness, and is rebelling. Pray that he would not be influenced by the person who is currently leading him astray.

  • Please continue to pray for Alayna, the 13-year-old at the center of a custody battle. Her mother was granted custody last week based on dishonesty. She has been abused, used, and neglected. They tell her no one loves her. She is now living somewhere in the Spokane Valley with her mother, ex-step-father and whoever hangs out in the home.

  • Pray for salvation for Mike, Sara, Derek, Kody, Julia, and Matthew.