Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for travelling mercies for Natalie Bridges, as she leaves this morning to return to Romania. She asks for prayer for a good trip, and that all her luggage would arrive safely with her in Romania.

  • A mother calls out for prayer and wisdom for her son.  He got arrested for domestic violence and his mom bailed him out of jail.  He is barely hanging onto his job and talks of suicide. Please pray against the plans of the enemy and that this will bring him to his knees before the only one who can really give him a new heart and new life. Pray for his family and mom, who are watching the enemy try to sift him like wheat. What the enemy planned for evil, the Lord is able to turn around for the good of all involved. 

  • Please pray for my son that he would accept Jesus.

  • Please pray for 12-year-old Brandon, that God will intervene and mold his behavior patterns so he is safe. He is autistic.

  • Please pray for healing and provision for Trish, and that she would be able to return to work soon, according to God’s plan.

  • Pray for healing, comfort, strength, peace, and direction for Allana.

  • Please pray for my mom. Her sugar levels are really low. She is diabetic and trying to figure out how to stabilize. Please pray for my sister who lives daily with extreme pain. My niece to find a good job.