MONDAY JULY 10, 2017




He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray; and when evening came He was alone there.   -Matthew 14: 23.

This verse refers to our Lord Jesus, who  was both totally divine and completely human. He remains the only person to live on planet earth without succumbing to its depravity. He didn't need to repent of anything. Nor did He have a list of petitions. He already possessed every godly attribute--wisdom, power, knowledge, love. He had no need to seek God's good favor. He was and is God. And, yet He prayed. Why? Undoubtedly to show us that it's smart to spend time alone with God. It's also extremely pleasant. I think Jesus simply liked being with His Father, sharing a perfect familial love. We should too. Ours is a very privileged position in Heaven's Throne Room. Jesus  tells us "for the Father Himself loves you, because you have loved Me, and have believed that I came forth from God." Today, cherish the time you get to spend with your loving Father God.




  • Becca Brown has surgery in Oregon tomorrow, July 11. Pray that the doctors will be guided by God’s own hand. Ask the Lord to bring this difficult chapter of the Brown’s lives to an end and that it will be a great testimony to the family’s faith under fire.Praise God that Judah Brown is recovering well from his ruptured appendix. Pray for him and all of Becca’s kids while she is away for her treatment.


  • Please pray for Becca Brown’s mom Patty who will be traveling to Canada next week. Ask that God expands her time and grants her an abundance of energy. Pray that she will find strength in the joy of the Lord even though there’s a lot going on in her life right now.


  • Pray for a family who hit a roadblock in their pursuit of domestic infant adoption. The agency did not feel their home was clean enough. Pray that a compassionate, older Christian woman would come into their lives and teach then how to keep their home correctly. Please pray that God would bring just the right person in to their lives.


  • Please pray for Diane who has moved to Colorado to find a fresh start in life. Ask that God will open the right doors for her. Pray that she will find her identity in Him, recognize the inheritance He has for her and be strong in the strength of the Lord.


  • Please pray for Kap, a nursing home resident currently on hospice. He does not know the Lord. Pray that God will intervene to bring him into the Kingdom before he leaves this earth.


  • Elsa had her biopsy last week. Pray that God will direct every step of her medical treatment and that Jesus will continue to be an ever present help and comfort for her and her husband Corey.