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  • Pray for Mikey, who is nervous and fearful about starting at a new school.

  • My dad is scheduled for back surgery on August 21 and we would really appreciate your prayers that all goes well. They say it will be an outpatient procedure with a one-inch incision and that he will need 6-8 weeks to heal.  Afterward, he should be able to resume normal activities. 

  • Please pray for our family. A psychiatrist thinks our five-year-old son may be high-functioning autistic. We are struggling.

  • Please pray for Skylei, who was recently in a car accident that left her needing surgery on her arms. She was told by doctors that for three months she is not to lift anything and to use her arms as little as possible. She has a 10-month-old baby. During this process she also lost her job and her apartment, and her car needs repairs. Her parents have taken her daughter in, but don’t have room for both of them. Pray that God would provide a place for her to stay while she recovers, and for spiritual encouragement—she’s felling very upset and confused.

  • I would like continuing prayer for health issues I’m having with my heart and breathing. I’d also like prayer for me and my boyfriend. That God would work out our relationship.

  • Please pray for Samantha, she found a lump in her breast. Pray for complete healing.

  • Please continue to pray for 13-year-old Alayna. The courts will decide this week if she goes back into her abusive mother’s home or gets to stay with her aunt and uncle. She has brain damage, so it is difficult for her to defend herself. Pray for God’s protection.