• Jaxlyn asks that we pray for the overflow of God’s grace to manifest so she is able to have a set schedule. She would like to stay where she is because she loves the company and loves the people.

  • Michael, who is newly married, asks for prayer for God’s perfect will for his family.

  • Danica asks for prayer to heal the hurt she caused her ex-husband and children while she was battling addiction. Pray that God would bring her family back together with Him at the center of everything. Pray that her ex-husband would forgive her and allow her the chance to be the wife and mother she is capable of being with Christ as the center of all she is. Praise God she has been able to quit smoking.

  • Please pray for a couple who just had a baby and are now dealing with some issues from the past that need healing. Pray that the joy of the Lord would be their strength.

  • Please pray for Anthony. Doctors are concerned that a freckle on his eye could develop into cancer. He had some treatment on Wednesday, and goes back to see a specialist in November. The doctors also want to develop a new special eye drop made from my blood plasma if the other eye drops I use are not effective enough.

  • Please pray for Ramona. She broke her leg during a trip to Israel several months ago, and is having surgery on Tuesday. Pray for a quick recovery from the surgery, and improvement in mobility and less pain.

  • Please pray for Dan’s back, that he would heal quickly.

  • Please pray for my elderly father. He was just admitted for aspiration pneumonia recurrence. He is to have surgery Monday, and they are just trying to keep him comfortable until then.

  • Please pray for my long time neighbor and friend who just received devastating health news. He is not a believer. Please pray he will come to know the Lord and find peace, comfort and healing!

  • I have critical need for financial provision and physical healing.