• Please pray for our son-in-law in Houston who is facing surgery due to a football injury from his college days. He is in horrific shoulder and neck pain. He’s a family man with a young baby.

  • Pray for Brook Irish, a 37-year-old mom with stage 4 cancer.

  • Pray for the unsaved people who come to Julia Davis Park for the picnic and baptism this Sunday. Pray that we would be a light to our community.

  • Pray for Coco, a friend’s 11-year-old dog that is sick.

  • Please pray for strength and guidance during this difficult time.  My husband and best friend of 12 years was taken away from our family by immigration.  We pray to be reunited again.  We currently have been separated for 1 year.  We have two little girls who miss their daddy very much.  This situation has caused a lot of pain and tears.  Please pray for our family.

  • Michelle would like prayer for protection for her and her roommate. As they go about their daily lives pray they will be protected from the enemy. Pray for protection in their home, their workplaces, and protection for their families.