• Please pray for Sasha, that she would surrender her life to the Lord and be set free from the struggles she faces. She was raised by a Christian mother who fled an abusive marriage. She struggles with unbelief, physical pain, abandonment issues, self harm, depression, addiction, and porn, among other things. Pray that she is set free as only Christ can do.

  • Please pray for the lost to find Jesus.

  • Please pray that I can save enough money to get out of the shelter, get my son back, and find a job and suitable housing.

  • Please pray for my cousin Vickie, for safe travels as she comes to pick up my son and take him back with her to Wyoming.

  • Pray for Matilde, that God would draw her to Himself, and that her relationship with Him would be restored.

  • Please pray for the salvation of two people named Lee Ann and Nicholas.

  • Please pray for my next-door neighbor, Allison (40). Her heart stopped, and she was airlifted to SLC. She has two kids ages 5 and under.