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  • Please pray for friends and family of Karen Gant, who passed away in 2017.

  • Please pray for my daughters as they continue to deal with their father. He is volatile with his emotions, and sometimes just mean to them. Please pray that the Lord would protect their hearts, and show them what true fatherly love is. I pray for wisdom for me and my husband as we seek to provide a safe and peaceful home for them and try to exemplify Godly parenting.

  • Please pray that I can find a foster family for my son for a short time. Please pray I will get a job and a place for him and I so we can be reunited.

  • Please pray for Ales Laljar, from Slovenia, as he is flying out to the States in a few days. The sending pastor of one of Ales' elders, has decided to fly the two of them out to Oklahoma for a conference on prophecy and the exercise of the gifts of the Spirit. Please pray that God would equip, further unify, and lead that time. Praise God that during this time Ales will also be able to reconnect with Justin, the founding pastor of the Calvary Ales is now pastoring, and fly to Boise to connect for a week before heading back home.

  • Pray for Whitney’s health to return as she prepares to care for her five children while her husband is out of the country. Pray that God would give her moments of rest in the midst of the busyness of her daily routine.

  • Please pray for a woman who has been married for a few years to a narcissist, abuser. He is calling her names, hits her, and has her emotionally beat down. He is now encouraging her to kill herself. I told her not let him in, call police if necessary and change the locks and get counseling. She is a believer. Doesn't sound like he is. He is nice and sweet to her sometimes but mentally tortures her the rest of the time. Please pray for them.

  • Pray for Anthony Harper as he is heading to Washington, D.C. for White House press meetings July 23-27. Please pray for favor in obtaining interviews with President Trump, Vice President Pence, WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and being called on to ask crucial questions at White House press conferences next week.