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  • My daughter is 23. She quit drinking. She was self-medicating. She was very despondent. She is working and happy now. I want it to last and for her to come back to the Lord!

  • Ashley asks us to pray for her family. They are really struggling to pay the bills. Her husband has been working and trying to find other jobs, but hasn’t been successful. She has a day care and just can’t seem to get customers. She just doesn’t know what they are going to do. It’s been five months like this and she’s still failing.

  • Please pray for Allana for healing and comfort. Trish has a broken pelvis, please pray for healing. Branden with autism. Pray for safety. Please praise God for His lovingkindness and tender mercy and for Isaiah 55:11.

  • Please pray for the lost to find the truth of salvation in Jesus. Specifically Alvin, Brenda, Alex, Helen, Ruth, Ann, and Ben.

  • Please pray that the Holy Spirit will make God’s kids bold with the Good News to all.