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  • Please pray for Jodi and her husband John. He is undergoing  chemotherapy treatment.


  • Please pray for Len who is having back surgery this Thursday morning at 8:30. This is his third surgery. The first two on his right side were failures. This one is on the left side of my spine. Pray that the surgery has great skill and wisdom and that he comes through it OK, with a good outcome.


The following are anonymous requests: 

  • I was just discharged from State Hospital South in Blackfoot. It’s a mental hospital. I was dealing with depression and psychosis symptoms.  Please pray for my recovery from mental illness.


  • Please pray for the dissolution of my marriage. My wife, whom I met on the Internet has been very sinful and harmful to me.


  • Pray for Matthew’s mom who is coming to town Thursday. Pray for her to enjoy Matt, but not to talk about him moving to Vegas with her.  He has lived with us since he was a baby. Now he’s eight.  Pray for Rod and me going to Seattle next weekend.