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  • Please pray for Chad who is currently incarcerated. Pray that he will not blink but will stay in the Word and look only to Jesus for his strength and comfort.


  • Please pray for Rachel to grow in her relationship with the Lord.


  • Please pray for Rob who ho is struggling to quit smoking. Pray that he will give this challenge and his entire life to Jesus. Pray that he will know Christ in a deep and personal way. Pray that his family is assured of his salvation.


The following are anonymous requests:


  • Please pray for God’s will for me to heal so I can better serve others.  Also, pray for my roommate to heal and feel peace without using substances.


  • Pray for Venezuela and its people. 


From Marlon and Rebecca Brown in Vancouver:


  • Pray for our little church body. The last few weeks we have had some new members come. It’s been surprising, and exciting at the same time! Pray that as we grow that our church members would also step out in faith and minister alongside us. Our prayer for our church is for them to really love on each other and the new people that come. 


  • Pray for strength for our family. With Becca not fully recovered it’s been a load still on Marlon to care for the family. It’s hard for Becca to not getting anxious and wanting to be up more. Please pray for peace, that her heart would be content in what she can do. And more importantly, pray she would minister to the family through prayer. 


  • Pray for our Kids’ Club on Friday nights. A kids’ church meets at our house. Marlon gets to teach the Word and play games with the kids. Pray our children would continue to grow deeper in the Word, and as they grow that they would minister alongside us. 


  • Please pray for our sister, Marta. Her husband has been staying with us and is entering a two-month recovery program. He is starting to soften to the Gospel. It has been an abusive environment for Marta with him for so long, so much wisdom and healing is needed. 


  • Prayer is always appreciated for our city. We truly love our home and are so burdened for Vancouver. Please pray for a covering for our home, and that our foundation would be prayer, prayer, prayer! We cannot do any work apart from the Spirit.