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  • Pray for a five-year-old girl whose parents are divorced. She is very confused. Pray that she will understand that God is her loving Father and all that she needs.


  • Please pray for Pastor Rhett’s mother-in-law Dolores.  Last week, she was moved to Vibra (a physical-rehab type hospital) and the transition was difficult.  Now they are having trouble keeping her Co2 levels down and if they can’t figure it out she could be looking at another tracheotomy or possibly being intubated again.


  •  Please keep praying for Jeanne and Jack who are very concerned about life choices their eldest daughter is making. Pray that the Lord’s plan and purposes for her will prevail. Pray that He will shut doors that no one can ever open again and return their daughter to His perfect will for her.


  • Please pray for Zach and Chloe who are living with their grandma because their dad is back in jail on drug charges and their mother is an addict unable to care for them. As “tweens” they are already slipping into troublesome behavior. Pray that their grandma will know that pointing them to Jesus is the best thing she can do right now.



  • Pray for Chad who has court this Wednesday. Pray that no matter how his sentencing goes he will continue to look to Jesus to be the Lord of His life.


  • Please pray for Ene who has a job interview today.  Pray that the interview is successful, that God’s good favor is poured out and that a job is offered immediately.