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July 3




“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”-James 4: 8.

Great advice. We all have times when the pull of our world is so strong that prayer seems like a hassle. Our Bibles can seem like just a bunch of words. The battle is real. God's Word clearly tells us that "the Spirit gives life and the flesh profits nothing" (John 6:63). But the flesh can seem so appealing, especially when it comes in the form of media--social and otherwise--that bombard us every waking minute. Thank God for James's teaching. When God seems far away, it's not because He's moved. It's our fickle hearts that have wandered. To restore our relationship, renew our passion, and propel ourselves down paths of spiritual growth, all we have to do is ask Him to help. When we reach out, He always responds. Praise God for His faithfulness.  




  • Please continue to pray for Brittney, a young woman who was raised in a Christian home but has wandered far from the faith. She is currently living with a Christian roommate who has established some positive house rules. Please pray that God will move on Brittney’s heart to dedicate her life to Him and that her parents’ prayers will be answered regarding her future walk of faith. Pray that in the meantime she will be willing to conform to her roommate’s requirements. Please pray for her every day for at least a week--longer if possible.


  • Please pray for the needs of our Children’s Ministry. We still need more consistent coverage in our Pre-K classrooms and in a few weeks we will also need a teacher for our three-year-olds. Ask that God will send just the right people to fulfill this important ministry commitment.



  • Becca Brown who with her husband is planting a church in Vancouver, British Columbia will travel to California this week for a surgery scheduled for July 11th.  She’s been in severe, chronic pain ever since a hit-and-run car accident several years ago. Previous surgeries have not been successful. Pray for healing and for peace for Becca and her husband Marlon.  Also pray for their kids during this time. They hate it when their mom goes to the hospital. Praise God that their eldest son Judah is rebounding well from his recent battle with appendicitis.


  • Keep praying for Ellie who recently accepted Christ’s gift of salvation through the efforts of the No Place Left evangelism team. She was baptized last week. Pray that she is firmly rooted in the faith and well mentored so she grows quickly and does much to further the kingdom.



  • Jen asks that we pray for her parents’ upcoming visit. They are not the best of friends with her husband. Pray that the Lord brings unity and it glorified in their time together.


  • Please pray for Delilah to be emotionally and spiritually stable. Pray for her safety and for that of her mom and family.


  • Please pray for E. S., Jair and Ezra to maintain their ongoing sobriety and to find salvation in Christ.