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  • Carrie asks that we pray for their condo to sell and for doors to open for her husband Rod’s business to bring in income. Her son and wife were in town this week.  Pray that the visit was meaningful and will bear much fruit.



Anonymous prayer requests today: 


  • Praise the Lord for a might miracle that He gave my granddaughter Mariah.  He is the mighty healer.


  • Pray for the lost to come to Jesus before He comes for us.


  •  Please pray for my dad to accept Jesus as his Lord. Ask that he may one day join us at church and come home to his family and turn away from sin.


  • Pray for my friend to have peace for her husband. His diagnosis indicates he is not going to survive more than three-to-five years.  Pray for God’s healing hand in his life and for comfort for my friend.


  • Please pray for my family and me. I have aging parents.  My mother has cancer.  My son is entering the teenage years and my husband and I need parenting guidance. Also, there are problems with siblings that need to be resolved.



Requests from the Mission Field:


From Berlin Germany:

  • Please pray that God will bring the right students to fill the spaces being left by those leaving and the “oldies” that are staying will be able to integrate and inspire the new ones.

We’d also appreciate your prayers about:

  • The study and preparation I’ve been doing on the planned podcast series on the Gospel of John is entering a critical phase: I’ve reached chapter 18 and the beginning of the narrative about the trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. This is, of course, a crucial place in the series and I need God’s wisdom and a sharp focus to get it right!


  • Our personal support (which is separate from the “Haus Nazareth” finances) needs new sponsors to partner with us. Please pray as we try to address this challenge.
  • A mission group of about 20 young people will be touring Berlin during the last week of June. Please pray that they will catch a vision for living their lives in the service of Jesus in the world.

  • A while back, Clark found a card that he signed at an “Inter-Varsity” student mission conference in Portland, Oregon during his first semester of college; it was a wonderful reminder of what that means! God has been very good in leading us in the intervening years!  Our hope is that many of these men and women would sense a similar call of God on their lives!


From Send Hope India

  • Praise God! The door re-opened to go to Parktacular and one of our beautiful sponsors asked to cover the registration fee!  We're excited to go and meet new people in the community and share about this beautiful ministry. Thank you all so much for your prayers, God heard you! Also, I (Sarah), my sister Rachel, and John will be heading down on the 24th for the conference at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. We are hopeful that because we're a returning vendor we'll have more people recognize us (see that Send Hope is still standing after everything that happened). Our prayer remains the same regarding every event we attend—that no matter where we are, God will orchestrate our every step and ordain each person that approaches us about the ministry. Please continue to also pray for the fees we'll need to cover each event. And it would amazing if at the conferences we could have a few minutes on stage to share about the ministry and share about regional partnership opportunities. 


  • We only had two people sign up during our May miracles sponsorship challenge, which we are incredibly grateful for, but would love to have prayer for more sponsorships to flood in over the next few months. We have 500 children now partially sponsored and 121 needing full sponsorship. Please pray for sponsorships to flood in to take on a full sponsorship to help bare this burden. God is good and we are trusting His plan and provisions!


  • Please continue to pray for funding to be able to go to the churches that have asked us to come share at their churches. Thank you for praying for these openings, we are so grateful on behalf of the entire mission to share more about what God is doing and try to raise more support for India. Please continue to pray for more churches, companies, and individuals to come alongside to support India through prayers and financial support.


  • Please pray for the community outreach we're doing in India, for our pastors, evangelists and their wives, that the Lord would encourage and sustain them. Praying for the Lord's blessing in their lives, that the Lord would give them wisdom, love, and the ability to humbly serve these beautiful people in India. Pray that the tangible means in which their helping these individuals and family, would bring them all to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. The last thing thing we would want to do is close a growing program do, but again, we are trusting in God's will for this ministry.


  • We still have an extremely low amount of financial support for the Bible College and those suffering with leprosy. Prayer warriors, please pray for these two very important outreaches. Our mission is Matthew 28:19-20, James 1:27, and just as Jesus was moved with compassion to heal a man suffering with leprosy, we too are moved with compassion to care for them.



  • We loved spending time praying for India with those of you who were able to make it. We would love to invite you to come to our next Sunrise Prayer on the 26th at 6:30am in the prayer room here at Calvary Boise. We would love to see you there! John and I will not be able to be there for this particular prayer meeting because of the California conference, but we will have someone on staff or other there to host your prayer time. We will be praying specifically for the prayer needs in India and for our stateside team as well. I would love it If you could all pray that those who would attend would be stirred in their hearts to create smaller groups with their friends, neighbors, and members of the body, to pray for India. We need all the prayer we can get. God hears us... he hears you! 


  • Please pray for wisdom and more hands to help with stateside operations. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few indeed. We're also waiting on the paperwork that was submitted to the lawyer to become a separate 501c3 charity; we would love your prayers for patience:) We are in great need and I know that with your prayers we'll see God's amazing love, mercies, and resources poured out over this ministry. Hallelujah! 


  • Quick update: Please continue to pray for Elizabeth's (Liz) training and position here at SHN. She's a quick learner and very excited to be a part in all of this beautiful craziness. Thank you so much for your prayers, we are building this team on prayer and faith!