• Please pray for Nicole. After spending time in St. Luke’s she has been moved to Intermountain Hospital.  She suffers terribly from drinking alcohol. Pray that she will allow God to heal her.

The following are anonymous requests:


  • Praise God for safe traveling mercies and good vacation for me. 


  • Praise God for being my Jehovah Jireh Provider and Lord/Savior. 


  • Pray for my sister, Colleen, in Northern California and me.  Ask God to bless us and our relationship.


  • Our brother in Christ, Mr. Bradley, has an autoimmune disease that is getting worse. Please pray total healing for him and that God keeps using this situation to witness to others.


  •  Pray for God’s wisdom and direction for “Jamin’ for Lamb” ministries.


Requests from the Mission Field:


From Tepic, Mexico:

Missionaries Saul & Angelica Alvarez ask that we pray for the following.

  • Pray for Lili.  She is having more health issues and is facing depression.  Please pray for her.
  • Continue to pray for Lolita.  She is having some financial issues and we as church are looking for a way to help her.
  • Keep praying for a building.
  • Keep praying for more people to come to church.
  • Pray for Hector who goes to Harvest Latino ministry and will come next month and stay here in Tepic for six months helping Francis with the kids ministry and he will help us too.
  • Pray for Angelica’s family.
  • Pray for Saul’s small business to grow.
  • Pray for all my brothers and sisters from church.


From Bistrita, Romania

Missionaries Brian & Cynthia Fouts ask that we pray for the following:


  • Please pray for us as we finish up things here before we start our trip back to visit this summer. Travel mercies and divine appointments to share what God is doing here in Romania. That it would be fruitful, restful, and amazing time back with family and friends and churches.
  • Prayer for the church and Mike as he takes over teaching responsibilities while I am gone and the girls in the office who are covering the administrative things while we are gone.
  • Continue to pray for the upcoming Romania leadership conference June 27-30. Pray for those who are coming to hear from the Lord in a fresh way, be encouraged to continue the work the Lord has placed before them. Helping to grow where he has planted them.
  • And for the mother of Cipri and Crina who attend our church she has been battling depression and is really worried about dying. She is not a believer and we are praying for opportunities to minister to her as she has intermittently attended church in the past. Pray for wisdom for both Cipri and Crina as both of them work and are struggling to make sure their mom is getting the care that she needs. She is scheduled for a surgery this week for something but is really worried about the procedure, which does not help her anxiety. Pray for peace. Brian talked with Cipri and Crina mom at the concert and her surgery went well and she is slowly getting out but is still struggling with anxiety and depression. Brian prayed for her there and we need to continue to pray for her, most importantly that she would surrender her life to the Lord. 

From Semilla de mostaza Santa Monica, Mexico

Missionary Raechael (Barber) Garduño asks that we:

  •  Pray we'll be in our new building soon
  • Pray Patricio would have the wisdom he needs to lead the school. He will have many decisions to make in the near future that affect the families; pray he would follow God's will. 
  • Pray for the families in the school. Especially for the financial situation of many who are struggling.
  • Pray for the teachers in the school. 
  • We are beginning the planning of our women's retreat (or conference) and starting a new women's discipleship. Pray God would grow us and teach us through it.  
  • Pato is still limping and his ankle still hurts. Pray he'd have a fast recovery. 
  • Pray for my husband's classes in the Bible College, and his discipleship group. We've seen much fruit from both, and we know God is doing great things in our church.   
  • Keep praying for my family! God hears our prayers! Please pray for the restoration of my family, and the salvation of my brothers and sisters.
  • Pray for our trip we will be making in less than a month (yayyyy!) to the US. We'll be driving up and in Boise the June 29-July 11. Pray for safety and to be a testimony to my family while we're there. 
  • Pray we would have wisdom as parents to know what our kids need.  
  • Pray we would have opportunities to share with our neighbors.
  • Pray for Mexico. The presidential elections are in full swing here, pray Christians would put their hope in God, not in a candidate, and that the candidate who wins would be the one who would give the most opening to the gospel.