• Pray for the peace of God to fill Mary’s heart as she grieves the loss of her husband Norm.

  •  Regularly missionaries return home on furlough both in need of medical and dental care and low on funds. Please pray that we will be able to assist them in this area. Also if you are a medical professional willing to offer free of discounted services (or know someone you think might be willing to help) please contact


  • Sarah who has been a missionary to the Syrian refugees in Ethiopia for nine months will be home next week.  She so appreciates our prayers. Pleas pray for safe travels and her integration back into this culture after nine months away.  Great thanks from the McClure family.


  • Please pray for parents in our church family who are estranged from their children because of various lifestyle choices. Please ask God to give these moms and dads great wisdom in knowing how to show God’s amazing love while sharing truth in a gracious, loving, productive way.


  • Please pray for the parents of a five-year-old girl who are in the process of getting a divorce. Ask God to give them great wisdom going forward so that they can continue to point their daughter to Jesus and that every decision from here on out keeps her welfare as the first priority.


  • Please pray for Rescue Mission ministries to have all they need to bring the lost to the Lord.