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  • Please pray for Derick who continues to fight the brain tumor that threatens his life. Because of increased risk of seizures, He will not be able to participate in the trial treatment he and his family hoped might produce a miracle. Pray that doctors have wisdom regarding the next step.

  • Please pray for Cherie, Derick’s mom. She lives alone in Weiser and suffers with the after effects of West Nile virus. It is difficult for her to get to Boise to help Derrick. To make matters worse the windstorm knocked a tree into her house. She is feeling a little discouraged.

  • Please pray for Bruce, a stroke victim, and his family. Pray that he will know the Lord and that he will receive excellent care. Pray for his wife. It is all very hard on her. Pray she knows that Jesus is the only way to eternal life.

  • Please pray for Rachel. She is a young woman who is getting married despite her parents’ strong objections. It is especially difficult for her mother who feels she has lost her daughter to a family that has brain washed her into a relationship with their son. Pray for a strong, restored family relationship and that God’s plan and purpose will prevail. Pray that if this marriage is not from the Lord He will keep it from happening.

  • Please pray for Miguel and Luisa Cruz missionaries to Buena Vista, Mexico. Please pray that God will give them direction, wisdom and patience. Pray especially for Luisa’s faith to grow very strong. The number of people attending services is very small and they, as a church, face intense spiritual battles. Pray that God will soften the hearts of the people of Buenavista and that they will gladly receive the Gospel. Pray for endurance for the Cruz family. It is very hard.

  •  Please pray for a miracle for Send Hope India. It desperately need funds to meet the needs of the lepers the organization has supported for decades and also to re-open the much-needed Bible College.