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  • Pray for unity among the brethren. 

  • Please pray for Matt, who has to go to court on a DUI charge on June 6. Ask that God will cover him and protect him, and that God's grace will be evident in his life. Pray that the Lord will give him good favor in the eyes of the judge.


  • Please pray for Chase who is very ill. He has lost a significant amount of weight and suffering greatly with his Crohn’s disease.  His wife is about to have a baby and they are both unable to work right now. Please pray that God will provide all that they need.


  • Please pray for Sheila who is currently homeless. She is trusting that in God’s perfect time he will provide a place for her to live.  She also asks for prayer for her son John who attended church years ago but has fallen away from his faith. Please pray that he will re-dedicate his life to the Lord and forgive his mom completely.  


  • Pray for Mark who is starting a church in Orange County California.


  • Please ask the Lord to heal Kris completely of autism.




From Rome, Italy 

Pastor Brent Harrell asks that we please pray for:

  • Emilio as he continues to heal from his knee surgery. Pray for his marriage and family as well. May the Holy Spirit bring unity, healing from past, and new love.

  • Christina and her family. Provision, and lots of grace for Christina as she is now caring for her elderly parents as well as her mother-in -aw who has dementia. 

  • Healing for our dentist who is also named Christina.

  • Grace for event planning and execution

  • God’s hand upon the completion of our Sunday school curriculum 

From Semilla de mostaza Santa Monica, Mexico

Raechael (Barber) Garduño asks us to pray:

  • That we'll be in our new building soon.

  • For the newly baptized members of the church family to know Christ deeper every day.

  • That Patricio would have the wisdom he needs to lead the school. He will have many decisions to make in the near future that affect the families; pray he would follow God's will. 

  • Pray for the families in the school. Especially for the financial situation of many.

  • Pray for the teachers in the school. 

  • The upcoming women's retreat we are planning and also the new women's discipleship program. Pray that God would grow us and teach us through it.