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  • Pray for Coleen who just lost her good friend. Pray for comfort and peace.

  • Please pray for Kris who has been struggling with alcoholism and anxiety to the point of becoming dangerous to his children and their mother. He has been having issues for three years after ten years of sobriety. He knows the Lord but this disease has a strong grip on his life. Pray for a miraculous healing. Pray that the Lord becomes the center of his life and his family and that he seeks to do right by God’s will.

  • Continue to pray for Rod’s company. Pray for its finances and the plastic additive being tested. Pray that God will bless Rod.

  • Crystal asks that we pray for her 89- year-old mother-in-law, Carol, who is in a physical rehabilitation center and has had pneumonia. She suffers from dementia and is truly struggling to fulfill the physical demands of the rehab center. She has already fallen. Pray that Crystal’s husband will have wisdom and knowledge to know what to do. She wants to go home to heaven. She was raised Baptist as a small child but converted to LDS after marriage. I have spoken the truth of salvation to her multiple times and prayed for her salvation for 30 years. She believes she is saved. Pray that her faith is built on the firm foundation of Christ.

  •  Crystal also asks that we pray for her sister who is constantly under attack at work by two women who do everything to make her work life hard. She has shingles and needs God's healing touch. Please pray that God would close the mouths of the lions at her work. 

 The following are anonymous requests:

  • Pray for wisdom about whether or not we should sell our home.

  • Pray for a family whose daughter is growing increasingly withdrawn from her parents. Ask that there will be full reconciliation very soon.

  • Please continue to pray for the National Day of Prayer Rally. Pray that thousands will turn out on the State Capitol steps Thursday, May 3, at noon. Pray for Pastor Tucker as he prepares to lead the group in prayer for the church. Ask God to stir the hearts of people from throughout the valley to unite in prayer. Pray that at least 50 people from every Bible-believing church will attend.


  • Commissioned Week kicks off this Friday May 4 with the Citizens and Saints Concert. Pray that the event will unite Christians from throughout the valley to bring revival and a renewed commitment to reach the lost.