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  • Pray for Christy Quintero to pull through the next 48 hours. She is battling complications following a bone- marrow transplant.

  • Please continue to pray for Derick and his family to keep putting their faith in the Lord.  A few weeks ago we were praising the Lord because Derick was accepted into a clinical trial that would use genetics to combat the cancer that is seriously threatening his life. This week he was informed that the tissue sample required for his participation in the trial had been contaminated and there is not enough time to secure another. Derick and his family are trusting that the Lord has a better plan. Please pray that their faith continues to grow and bless many others.

  • Please continue to pray for Jack and his family. His eldest daughter’s disrespectful behavior threatens to negatively influence her sister. Jack is also very concerned that she is make poor, life-altering choices.

  • Please pray for Emillie who lost her grandfather this week and needs the Lord’s comfort and peace. 

The following are anonymous requests: 

  • Please pray for my Friend Karla. She is the grandmother of four teenage boys she cares for because their mother cannot do so. They are currently living in a hotel but praying for a home to rent. Karla has steady work but is having a hard time finding something affordable that will accommodate all of them.

  • Please pray for my daughter Chelsie. She is a Christian but struggles to get to church and suffers from depression and ADD.  She is a single mother and although she lives with her boyfriend she has started to reach out to God again. Pray that she will seek Him first in all that she does.

  •  Please continue to pray for the National Day of Prayer Rally. Pray that thousands will turn out on the State Capitol steps Thursday, May 3, at noon. Pray for Pastor Tucker as he prepares to lead the group in prayer for the church. Ask God to stir the hearts of people from throughout the valley to unite in prayer. Pray that at least 50 people from every Bible-believing church will attend.