• Pray that Kalyn’s and Makenna’s diabetes will be healed.

  • Please pray for Sarah who is now in Ethiopia.  Please pray for safety and health.  Please pray for the ministry she’s involved with as they are working with Muslim refugees.  Pray that the gospel would penetrate the hearts of those she meets.

  • One of our high school youth group members shared the following:  Please pray for my friend’s mom who was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. It has already travelled to her hips and she is now in a wheelchair. The father is in the military and is not in the state very often at all.

  • Pray for the upcoming Easter and Good Friday services to bring many to the Lord.

  • All of Rachel’s family is out of state and they really need prayer as they pass through a dark valley.  They just lost their second nephew, who was only eight months old.  His brother went to glory one-and-a-half years ago. Another family member was also just was given two-to-three years to live after a long battle with cancer. 

  • An anonymous person asks that we “please pray for my friend in New York who is starting stronger cancer treatments.”