• Michelle asks that we pray for her mom Marlene and Marlene’s husband Arnold who has been battling cancer and is now going on Hospice. It’s been difficult and they both are worn out.  Please pray for God’s strength and comfort and most of all that they would soften their hearts toward the Lord and accept His glorious gift of salvation.

  • Please pray for Shane an adult who has special needs to come to a deep and personal awareness of Jesus.

  • Craig and Angie have been going through a hard time over the past few years with their teenage daughter, Emily who has had many issues—claiming to be trans-gender, extreme depression and even threats of suicide. Things have now gotten very strange and intense and Craig is worried that his daughter might be demon. New voices come out of Emily’s mouth and it has become a really scary situation. Please pray for this family during this long trial and that God would be revealed to Emily and that she would be rescued from this battle.  

  • Please pray for Larissa who lives in Houston. She has been feeling very hopeless and has even contemplated suicide. She is not a Christian and believes that if there is a God He has abandoned her. Please pray that those who know her will have wisdom as to how to intervene. Pray that she encounters Christians at every turn and that they would be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit to minister Christ’s genuine love to her.

  • Please pray that a woman who is a new believer will know God as her provider. She just lost her job because the place she works is closing down. Pray that she lets God comfort her as only He can. Pray that Christian friends come around her with love and assistance. Pray that God will guard her heart and mind against any plans the enemy may have to use this for her pain, confusion and destruction.

  • Please pray for Susan who lives in California. After her most recent scan she has decided to go back on chemo to further fight her cancer. Pray that she will truly rely on our all-powerful, and wise God to lead her. Pray that she knows He has good plans for her.