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  • An anonymous couple asks that we pray for their son, Mark, who is starting a church in Southern California in September.  
  • Please pray for the Grants who have two special needs sons and many day-to-day challenges. Now, Amber and their oldest boy Luke both have the flu. Their youngest, Matty, has multiple health issues and his body is already very compromised. Pray that he is protected from the flu and that this will not interfere with the long-awaited and carefully orchestrated trip Amber and Jason have planned to San Diego.
  • Pray for Danielle.  She has recurring head and neck pains that can be debilitating at times.  Pray for healing, for provision for her family, and also for a deeper relationship with God through Jesus.
  • Tomorrow Jeff O’Brien’s life will be celebrated with a memorial at the church. There will be a viewing at 10am followed by the service. Pray that the family feels the love and comfort of Christ and that everyone will be filled with the peace and joy of Jesus.
  • Pray for Carlos to be healed from the severe pain that he experiences and may it all be to the glory of God. 

Update on Pastor Rhett’s mother-in-law Dolores:


Update on Pastor Rhett’s mother-in-law Dolores:

  • Dolores remains in the ICU.  She has now been in the ICU for more than four weeks.  Praise God that her breathing has improved greatly and she is almost able to get off of the breathing machine.  Praise God that she is almost completely off blood pressure medication.  Pray for continued progress with physical therapy and for strength to return.  Pray for her kidneys to begin functioning.  She is currently on dialysis three days a week.  Pray for a possible infection to be healed quickly.  Pray for her to be able to find ways to be comfortable while in the hospital bed.  Pray for her to stay encouraged and motivated to keep fighting.  Pray for her family to know how best to serve her and to have strength to do it well.