• Please pray for Lucy. He husband has accepted a job in China and she will move there for at least three years.  She has been very resistant to this move because her she has spent all of her adult life in the U.S. Her children are here and she has no connection with China anymore.  She has prayed that this would not happen and is not resigned to the fact that it is God’s will for her.  Please pray that she will be able to stay in fellowship while she is there. Pray that her faith will only be strengthened by this unwanted circumstance.

  • Please pray for Christine to return to her faith in Christ. After becoming chronically ill she turned her back on Jesus in bitterness and despair and has become alienated from her Christian family who only want the best for her.

  • Please ask that God will help Karson’s parents trust the Lord and lean on Him to guide them in their journey to raise a teenager in His will. Ask that He gives them strength every day!

  • Pray for Chris to find his identity in Christ.  

  • Please pray for a man who is very depressed. He also suffers from chronic pain and illness.  His faith has suffered over the years.  Please help him recover his faith and hope. Pray for God's mercy and healing on him.

  •  Pray for rescue mission ministries to have all they need to minister effectively to the lost and expand God’s Kingdom here on earth.