• Pray for Chris to find his identity in Christ. 
  • Please keep praying for Jeffrey to give his life to the Lord and allow Him to direct his paths.
  • Please pray for Mike to give his life to Jesus. He has issues with responsibility and living up to what he needs to do as a dad. Pray that God meets him at his lowest point.
  • Pray for Javier who is in an adulterous relationship to come back to his family and be the husband and father the Lord has called him to be.
  • Please pray for Anthony who has been divorced for many years and still grieves the loss of relationship with his wife and daughter who do not share his strong Christian beliefs. Pray that God will comfort him and provide great Christian friendships to help fill the void in his heart.
  • Please pray for a Christian author who has been self-published in the past and is now pursuing a relationship with a full-service publishing house. Pray for the Lord’s direction in every aspect of his relationship with this new potential partner. Pray that the book will find the audience the Lord has intended it to reach.