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  • Benjamin asks us to pray for divine guidance on what he is to do. He  feels like he needs to  leave America but his wishy-washy behavior gets the better of him and he doesn’t go. Please  pray for him to gain wisdom, courage, and that God’s will is done in his life.

  • Pray for our president and country.  Please pray for our leaders to lead us by the power of God’s Spirit.

  • Please pray for Javier who is living a double life. His adultery is breaking his wife’s heart but she feels powerless to make him stop. Please ask that God will give her immense wisdom and that she will be able to see that God is good, that He loves her and that He will deal with Javier. Pray that she will also be relieved of the deep rejection she feels. Javier says he is a Christian and does not want a divorce. Also ask God to help Vanessa the woman Javier has been committing adultery with for years. She too says she is a Christian. Pray that God will open her eyes to the harm she is doing to this family.

  • Pray for Matt and Annie to offer themselves wholly to Jesus.  

  • Pray for the healing of Kailynn and Makena who have diabetes.

  • An anonymous couple asks that we please pray for their daughter and son-in-law’s health, their ability to finish their schooling, and for God’s vision, hope  and direction in their life.

  • Pray for a man who recently came through a divorce.  Ask God to heal his heart and provide happiness as he pursues God’s will for his life.