Daily Prayer Requests

  • I have a serious test on Feb 21. Please pray in Jesus name that I DO NOT have cancer or any other illness. Thank you.


  • Pray for my mom. She was taken to hospital because of trouble breathing.


  • Pray for my friend Tom who will be having heart surgery on 2/22.


  • Please pray for our daughter. She has infertility issues and wants another baby.  We are asking the Lord’s will for their family.


  • I need to find a caregiver to come help me in my home with both my personal care and my home.

  • Please pray Brad and Kristian Westom who are MAF missionaries and sent the following update and prayer requests:

    • Please pray for us today. The university students are marching today in support of all the people in Goma. In the capital, Kinshasa, over a 1000 miles away, this past weekend there were protest against foreign governments. The Congolese think these foreign government should intervene in the fighting around Goma about 230 miles south of us. The Congolese government is not supporting these marches and trying to maintain peace.  We have some regular flights down to Goma. We are looking at these carefully and asking if these flights are worth the risk. Several other airplanes have been fired upon. Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom, safety, and discernment if we should stop these flights.

    • Beside that. Ministry is going well.