Daily Prayer Requests

  • I would like to offer prayers to Tucker, and the pastors and elders of our church (and around the world). If I feel the attacks of the enemy in my own life and heart, I cannot imagine what they must be experiencing.  Lord, please keep them strong and faithful to educate Your children and support them through the great and small trials of life in this world.

  • Please pray for my son Tristan as he is surrounded by non believers. Pray for his faith to stay strong that he would not be discouraged or swayed. His wife is not a believer. But instead that she would be saved. I pray that he would constantly seek Jesus.

  • In my MA program, I have many large projects coming up. I feel overwhelmed by past PTSD, and am having trouble focusing. Failures and wounds from the past are resurfacing that are paralyzing me. Pray that the Lord will lift all these burdens and projects out of my hands, and that He will carry them for me, and He will handle them. Pray that my weaknesses will be transformed by Christ’s strength, and all the success will belong to Christ alone. Pray that He will cover every project and assignment with His love, favor, kindness, joy and grace. Pray for the Lord’s goodness and gentleness as I go through my studies. Pray that He will carry my burdens and remove my fear of failure. Also, since I’m 39, pray that the woman God has chosen will finally come into my life and that I will marry her and move in with her as I continue this program.

  • I'm seeking God's will and his direction for my life as I try to determine if I continue on the path of running my business or working for someone else for what I perceive could be a more stable option. That God would sustain us financially. I want what God wants and we are committed to trusting in God but at times struggle to wait on answers to prayers.