•  Please pray for Veronica to be surrounded by Christians inclined to share the Lord with her. Pray that the Holy Spirit will put a hedge of witnesses all around her and that she will be so attracted to Jesus and His gospel of love and grace that her salvation will occur very soon. Pray that she will be devoted to raising her children to follow Jesus.

  • Please ask that Liz will be able to find a dependable, new-to-her, used car with low monthly payments. Every car that she has looked at the Lord has stopped her from getting and she is growing frustrated. Pray for her to trust the Lord’s  timing and that He will provide a car that is better than what she is expecting and in her price range.

  • Praise God for the faithful volunteers who serve our children each week. Pray that the Lord blesses their lives and gives them continued joy in serving Him.

  • Pray for Jeremy to walk in the spirit and not alter God’s Word. Ask that he would be the man of God he has been called to be. Pray that his relationship with his girlfriend would be strengthened by God, that they would seek the Lord together, pray together and put Christ first in their lives.  Pray that the Lord will put Christians in his life to be his friends and to hold him accountable. He has been hanging out with a lot of non-believers and it is causing him to stumble. 

  • Please pray for Jake who has had increased pain in his side. He has gone to the emergency room and had testing done but didn't find anything wrong. 

  • Please pray for Derick who is still in the midst of the battle with brain cancer. Now he has been hit with court papers pertaining to past doctor bills. This is another big challenge. Pray for God’s will in the whole situation.

  • Brian Fouts, who pastors Calvary Chapel in Bistrita, Romania asks that we “Please keep my mom in prayer we just found out she is back in the hospital again due to dehydration and low potassium, magnesium, and other levels. She will spend a couple days there until they can stablize her and bring all of her levels back up. Keep my dad in prayer and that they would permanent solution to her ongoing battle with some form of colitis which is one of the reasons this keeps happening."