Daily Prayer Requests

  • My dad can barely move his neck and has to have surgery on the 29th. Please pray for his recovery and help for his car. Pray that recovery is fast and that I will have help with my son so I can take care of him.


  • Please pray for my 94 year old grandparents who were in a car accident yesterday. Please pray for wisdom for me and how I can help assist them.


  • Prayers that I would keep on a positive path filled with love, understanding, trust, and peace.


  • Prayers for my husband to stop viewing inappropriate images. Prayers that he draws near to God quickly and his interests are changed. Prayers his heart has a disgust and disinterest for certain articles, webs and women. That he honors me and is content. Undefiled marriage bed. Pray for me please to forgive, serve, honor and seek the Lord in all things. That our children know the Lord and not have any habits.


  • Thank you faithful prayer warriors. I'm asking for prayer for my family, for a loving Christmas where Jesus is shared. There is still a lot of tension anger hurt feelings between a mother and daughter that needs to be resolved. Many in my family still don't know Jesus. Pray for my relationship with my brother, that our differing views on politics won't keep us from loving each other. Our family needs God's perfect love to cover over the multitude of sins. Thank you!