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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Mariah, a young mom, who has cancer.

  • Pray for Mark to have wisdom regarding the possibility of moving to pastor a church in SoCal. 

  • Pray for Donna’s sister-in-law who has stage-4 cancer. 

  • Please pray for Jeffrey. He needs to come to the end of himself and give Jesus all the many burdens he has been carrying. He needs a miracle to deal with the consequences of years of irresponsible living. He has a devout Christian mom who is praying fervently for his salvation and that of his children and ex-wife. They are all so lost. Please pray for his mom to be continually strengthened in her faith as you join her in interceding for Jeffrey. 

  • Please ask God to heal Brett’s and Melanie’s hearts and their marriage.

  • Please pray for Gregg who struggles with anxiety regarding his finances and his work. Ask God to grant him faith and peace. 

  • Sarah, who is a missionary, is in Guatemala now.  Please pray for team cohesion. Pray for her health, safety and spiritual walk.  Pray that God would fill her up with His Spirit as she serves.

  UPDATE ON DERICK: The severity of the cancer and the prognosis have yet to be determined.  Derick will need 24-hour care for two to four weeks. Pray for that to be well orchestrated. Also pray that he is healed of all seizures and that he can spend more time in fellowship at church. Also pray that he will find a helpmate.

 UPDATE ON JAMAN: He is resting at home. Things went better than expected during his surgery. Doctors barely had to touch to bladder. The diagnostics are not back yet regarding the severity of the tumor.

 UPDATE ON RHETT’S MOTHER-IN-LAW: Friday afternoon the bleeding stopped. It was in her stomach wall. Doctors indicated it was a minute-by-minute situation and could go either way.  Please keep praying.