Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a woman who is under spiritual and physical attack. Lift her up for protection and for peace through this difficult trial.  Pray she receives the help she so desperately needs. 

  • Praise God for a great week in West Yellowstone with my 14 year old dog named Hankie! Pray for his enlarged heart condition and his cough to subside so that he would have a good quality of life.

  • Pray for my friend and her job to be protected from any harm and evil.

  • Pray for our families to reconcile.

  • Pray for my friend who is searching even if she doesn’t entirely realize it. Please pray she would have no satisfaction from witchcraft.

  • I am fighting suicidal thoughts. I have a support group I am keeping in close contact. I am loosing sigh of truth and of hope. Thanks for praying.

  • Prayer Update on our missionary in Vancouver, Canada, Becca Brown:
    • The surgery went well. She is in a lot of post-surgery pain. It was a lot on her little body. So we are praying things begin to settle down over the next few weeks. The device won’t be turned on until her body can heal and adjust to the implanted device. Turning it on too early can reopen wounds.