Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a man who was in a motorcycle accident and is now in a coma at St Al’s Boise. He has 3 broken bones and lots of bruising. they think he had stroke.

  • Please lift up a man in our church family who inured himself this week. Pray for swift healing.

  • Please pray for unsaved family members.

  • Please pray for my wife. She’s been experiencing terrible migraines and nausea, and has barely been able to eat for several days now.  Thank you!

  • Please pray for an urgent request from our missionaries to Tepic, Mexico, Saul and Angelica Alvarez:

    • Please pray for my brother Salvador. He Is my older brother he is at the hospital right now waiting for the doctor to get a surgery in his head. He got 17 radiotheraphys last month to kill the skin cancer cells close to his right ear and seems like the radiotheraphys damage the valve and stop working. The valve was working good before the radiotheraphys . When everything was done his doctor send him for a scan and find out that the valve was not working any more because they saw some fluid inside in his head that it shoudn' t be there.Now the valve needs to be remove and  replace. (I think there was medical negligence ). My parents are worry and afraid about this situation.  My brother has a valve ( periculoperitoneal shunts ) in his head skull since he was 11 years old because he had a tumor and got surgery when he was that age and the doctors put a valve inside of his head skull because the tumor was so close to his brain and they could not take the whole tumor out to prevent any damage to the brain. After surgery he got 40 some radiationes to kill the bad cells of the tumor part that they couldn't take out. The valve helps to drain fluid from his heat to his abdomen peritoneum. Please pray for provision and peace in my brother and parents hearts. Add these  prayer requests to the last week ones please sister.

      Thanks so much for your prayers and love!