Daily Prayer Requests


  • Please pray for my wife and I. We are going through a divorce.  I don’t want to divorce, but we have been very mean to each other lately.  She kept the kids from me for several weeks in February.  She has a protective order against me which has many false details.  We have a hearing on the 23rd.  I need to get the protection order taken away. Please pray for me and her. Ask the lord to heal our broken hearts and broken marriage. Ask him to please let her give me a chance to fix myself and our marriage. I need as much prayer as possible.

  • Praise report from my mom Susan who was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer about a year ago. My parents had been in Houston the last five months, she has finished her bone marrow transplant and is officially cancer free! Her body only has mild rejection symptoms of the new marrow and her symptoms go away with low dose steroids. Please pray that her symptoms go away entirely or continue to be mild and treatable.  My parents are making the drive home to Boise this week!  We are so excited to see them, Praise God for all this!!

  • Please pray for Skylar Reynolds to put her trust in Jesus.

  • I need a right hip full replacement. I am asking for prayers for upcoming consult to go well and that surgery be scheduled guickly as the pain is increasing. It is bone on bone. I feel the Lord has opened new doors for this and need confirmation. He alone knows what I need, physically and financially so I pray and ask for His will and healing. Thank you in advance. Love and peace to you all.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Semilla de Mostaza Santa Monica Mexico, Raechael and Patricio Garduno who send the following updates and requests:

    • Please be pressing for our family, got an infection in his foot that spread very quickly and it had to be amputated. Please pray for wisdom for the whole family for how to take care of him and for his healing as he recovers. 

    • Please keep praying for my mom, that she would know the Lord more and have a hunger for Him. She is having some problems, pray she would see God and surrender to Him fully. 


    • Help us to pray for wisdom for our family and decisions we are making, we possibly will be able to come visit Boise in the summer!