Daily Prayer Requests


  • Please pray for friends of mine who are divided on which church to attend. He went to a Russian Orthodox church and liked it, but she attended a non-denominational church.  She prefers that.  Pray they would be able to compromise and attend a church that feeds them both and that they won’t compromise their beliefs.  Pray for them not to split their family into 2 churches.  Pray for unity. 

  • Praise God for the newly anointed! Pray for our nation to return to God and for salvation and direction. 

  • Please pray that Tommie would be healed and walk again. 

  • Praises! Last week I requested prayer for family friend diagnosed with cancer.  I found out last week that it has not spread to his brain!  They will do 6 weeks of intense radiation to the cancer in his neck.  Please pray for him.

  • I am currently trying to leave my job as it is mentally and physically a lot. There is a job I really want and all I can do is give it to God.  Please pray for that.

  • I need prayer for my struggle with addiction. Please pray that it leaves me.  Pray that my family has peace and love.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Tepic, Mexico, Saul and Angelica Alvarez who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Pray for Agustín. He is trying to fix his car to use it as a taxi cab.
    • Pray for Lolita to let the Lord to guide her life.
    • Keep praying for Miriam and her kids to be more consistent in attending church.
    • Pray for Erick's mom. She has Alzheimer’s.
    • Pray for Karen and her boyfriend Wilson.
    • Keep praying for Elza. She is depressed about all the problems that she is facing at the moment.
    • Keep praying for us as a church to have enough resources to keep up with the rent.
    • Pray to the Lord to bless us with a worship group.
    • Pray for me and my wife to keep doing God's will and be good and faithful servants .