June 17, 2017

Evening and morning, and at noon, I will pray, and cry aloud; and He shall hear my voice.” – Psalm 55: 17.

How comforting to know that whenever we cry out to our Father in Heaven He hears us. Even better, He moves on our behalf. His plans are perfect, His ways trustworthy. There is no better prayer for these needs or any others than "Thy will be done."






  • Pray for Melanie’s mental health issues (anxiety), pray for her mom’s health issues, and also pray for their relationship. Ask that it will be restored.


  • An anonymous brother asks that we pray that members of our church family would be moved to  ask "Lord who should I invite to church?"  Also ask God for revival like we have never before seen.


  • Pray for a 4-bedroom house for a family of six to live in. Pray that they will all see God’s hand of provision in all of this.



  • Please pray for Jane as she prepares to host a neighborhood kids’ Bible study in her home this summer.  Pray for physical strength, for wisdom on what to cover in the studies, and for God to bring the right children.


  • Please keep praying for the Brown family in Vancouver. Marlon got in touch yesterday to ask for prayer for their interaction with the immigration officials. They’ve applied to become permanent residents so they can continue their ministry, but yesterday they hit a major roadblock. Please pray that they are able to overcome every challenge. Ask too that they  will find a house closer to the church (this is very difficult without the Lord’s divine intervention,) and ask that God will bless Becca and Judah as they continue to battle health issues.



  • Praise God! little Huntley in Slovenia is well on the mend. The family thanks everyone for their prayers.