Take away from me scorn and contempt.  Psalm 119:22.

A vindictive spirit, a determination to “get even” with those who injure us, is destructive to the Spirit of prayer. Be careful. It might seem to feel good in the moment to get even, but in the long run, it's so much smarter to turn everything over to God. If it seems hard to stop fuming and fussing, pray for the people who have done you wrong. Remember it is written, “Vengeance is mine I will repay says the Lord.” Trust Him. He is an efficient God, who uses everything for our good and the furtherance of His kingdom. 

 Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Sarah to have strength through the holidays. Praise God that right now she is doing great and is so full of joy. 

  • Continue to pray for Addie Abernathy, a four-year old cancer victim who has been given a very poor prognosis. Ask that God will heal her as only He can and that her family will be strengthened and comforted at this time.

  • Please pray for Alyssa and Dan who lost their little girl a few hours after her birth last summer. Doctors have cleared them to start trying for another baby. Ask that the Lord will  calm Alyssa’s anxious heart and that the Lord will bless them with a child quickly.

The following are anonymous requests:

  • Pray for my body to heal and for me to quit smoking. 

  • Pray for safe travels for my family and my grandkids.

  • Please pray for my sister-in-law Diane who has just found she has Stage-4 pancreatic and liver cancer. 




Colleen Maile