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 “Because He is your Lord; worship Him.” Psalm 45:11

 The worship of God is the soul bowing down before God in absorbed contemplation of His majesty. Over and over we read in the Bible that, “they bowed their heads and worshipped;” or “they fell down and worshipped.”  It has been well said that, “In prayer we are occupied with our needs; in thanksgiving we are occupied with our blessings;  in worship we are occupied with God Himself.”  God does want us to pray about our needs. He still wants us to bring our needs to Him. He also wants us to focus on our blessings and to thank Him for them but He would especially have us, I am sure, more occupied with God Himself in intelligent worship.

R. A. Torrey

 About the Author: Reuben Archer Torrey was an American pastor, educator, writer and evangelist. He graduated from Yale and studied abroad before becoming associated with Dwight L. Moody’s evangelistic work in Chicago. He was superintendent of the forerunner of today’s Moody Bible Institute and pastor of what is now Chicago’s Moody Church. He lived from 1856 until 1928 and was also an author.

 If anyone is a worshipper of God and does His will, He hears him.  John 9:31. 

Worship is the atmosphere in which prayer thrives best, and grows most heavenly divine.

 Prayer Requests

  • An anonymous person asks, “Please ask God to guide and direct my son and his wife. Pray that they be willing to be led.  Also pray for my daughter going off to college.”

  • An anonymous person is going to have spine surgery at St. Luke’s downtown December 5th and will be in hospital three days. We are asked to pray that all goes according to God’s plan and that Christ will be glorified.

  • Please pray for healing for Kris who has autism. 

  • Please pray for an anonymous family that has fallen on hard financial times. Pray that husband and wife will continue to work together to solve their problems and that he will find the peace of the Lord when he begins to grow anxious about finances.

  • Pray for Wendy, a Christian woman, who is involved with a married man. Pray that she will see reality and patiently wait for the man God has set aside for her. Pray for this adulterous man to understand the potential pain he could cause his wife and children. Pray that he will turn to Jesus to set his life right.

  •  Please pray for Kalyn and Makenne who are struggling with diabetes.

  • Praise the Lord with Lizette whose little daughter was injured May 25 and has now almost fully recovered and is able to walk, run and jump. Praise God that she is now able to do things most kids take for granted because of His healing touch.