Daily Prayer Requests

  • My friends are going to Hawaii to take the Gospel through hip hop and sent the following requests for the events on Jan 26th- Jan 28th :

  • Remove any cultural & ancenstrial strongholds that would hinder the gospel from going forth & being received.

  • That our search & rescue team would be wise as serpents and harmless as doves as they go out into the community to share the gospel and pass out flyers for the show.

  • For the Holy Spirit to draw the hearts of the lost to Himself, and true repentance and salvation takes place in individuals and whole households.

  • That all of the artist would be Holly Spirit led as they do their sets, and share their testimonies.

  • Divine protection for the whole team in traveling to and from Maui, and everywhere we go on the island.

  • We have 8 husband & wife couples going, so peace & unity among them.

  • Unity between our Idaho team and King’s Cathedral & King’s Chapel’s teams. Which are the 2 churches we are partnering with for the events.

  • That all would bow down to the name of Jesus, and not hinder the work that the LORD has sent us on mission to do.