Daily Prayer Requests

  • PRAISES! Maral just texted me (she is in tomorrow morning right now).  She got a good nights rest and is feeling a lot better.  She was blind copied in the original prayer request email and was very grateful for all the prayer going up on her behalf.  Continued prayer would still be appreciated.  This is her 3rd time being pretty sick in a 3 month period.  I’m hoping / praying there isn’t something deeper than the flu like symptoms that have popped up. 

  • Please pray that God would heal my husband. 

  • Please pray that my husband can get an uninterrupted and full night’s sleep tonight and every night.

  • Please pray for healing me. I’m sick and I’m afraid it’s going down into my lungs. Please pray it doesn’t.

  • I am struggling with the aches & pains of getting older; specifically, I would like to ask for prayer for my shoulder that makes it difficult to get to sleep. Please pray the doctor will have wisdom to know how to diagnose.

  • Please pray for my wife and God’s grace, direction, and blessing in her employment and job search. 

  • Please pray for a dear friend who went in for a biopsy on a spot they found on his lung this past Wednesday. That night his lung collapsed and he had to rushed and admitted to the hospital.  They are keeping him through the weekend for now.  Pray for his wife as well and the peace in her heart.