Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my friend’s daughter. I think she's 6-7 years old and was diagnosed with supposed Covid, with a high fever. They are not believers. They know I submitted this prayer request, would love prayer to cover their family with love, for salvation of their souls, and quick recovery 

  • Please pray for a man in our church family who is in the hospital with covid and covid related pneumonia.  Pray that his oxygen levels would increase and he will be able to go home in the next day or so.  Please pray for his wife that she would have peace through this time.
  • Can you pray for protection for my family please? We’re in a situation today that is potentially dangerous. There’s a lot I don’t know about what’s going on but it’s the type of thing that has gotten violent in the past. I just really need to get my laundry done. Thank you.

  • My nephew was coerced into getting a vaccine he didn't want in order to save his job. My nephew took the first of two Vaccines that are required. He feels weak and had an out of body experience last night. Pray God protects and heals him of all contamination of his body including temporary and long term sickness caused by the vaccine. Pray God will intervene and he won't have to take the second vaccine.

  • Please pray for my son to sleep through the night. Pray that his night terrors go away. It’s effecting my long shift at the hospital and my health. I am exhausted and need rest as well.

  • Please pray for our missionaries in Berlin, Germany, Clark and Ann Peddicord who sent the following updates and prayer requests:
    • Pray that we can help build new bonds of sharing and spiritual community. In particular, we are praying that young leaders of the next generation can meet and encourage one another in the battle for the minds and souls of their nations.We are asking God to establish “base camps” in the U.S. where these young leaders could come for new vision and discipleship.

    • We are scheduled to fly to Chicago on Thursday, 13 January. We will spend the weekend with our friends and partners at Cityview Church in Elmhurst, and then fly to Boise on Monday, the 17th.  Please pray that our flights don’t get cancelled! (We already had to rebook our connecting flight from Berlin to London, since the first flight we were scheduled on was cancelled.)