Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me as a navigate some changes I desperately need to make, that God would give me discipline and an added measure of faith to trust Him.
  • Please pray for a man that I work with that moved her from San Francisco and is very liberal, please pray that I would have opportunities to share Jesus with him.
  • Please pray for my first Pastor, Mike Macintosh from San Diego. He is going into heart surgery this week. This was unexpected and sudden. He’s always taken such good care of his temple God gave him! He made such a great impact in Willy’s and my life. Pray for Sandy his wife his family as well. It would be a very sad and joyous time if the Lord should take him. He has impacted a lot of people life’s and souls won over to Jesus.
  • My mitral valve is severely leaking and the pills to correct the problem did not work. I am praying they can fix it with a clip procedure, if not I will need open heart surgery.  I don’t want that because I already went through that in 2005. Pray for complete repair of the valve. Thank you and grateful for the prayers.
  • Pray for my sisters sister in law. She is having dementia type symptoms.
  • Please pray for our missionaries to Canada, Marlon and Becca Brown who sent the following updates and prayer requests:
    • Praise the Lord for a blessed Christmas Season- Seriously thank you to everyone that prayed for a place to open up for us to have out Christmas Eve Service. This was a crazy process and we didn’t even get the official “ok” until a few days before Christmas Eve! So it was a very stressful time, as you can imagine. But God was gracious and opened a door with a new church in our community that just took ownership of a building a few months ago. Pray for whatever continued relationship we will have with this church.

    • Week of Prayer & Fasting- next week will be our annual week of prayer and fasting, something that we carried over from our time at Boise Calvary. Pray that the Lord would speak and give us a fresh word and wisdom for this new year. 

    • Pastoral Training- There is a lot of cool stuff that God is doing in our church and in our community, we have had several new people continue to joins us over the last few months. While I am thankful for the current fruit and the fruit to come, I have been feeling extra drained. God’s grace has always been sufficient for all that I am called to do, but I feel like now more than ever I need to spend more energy developing pastors in our church to take on more pastoral duties. Pray that God would call, gift, and disciple these men. Pray that I would also learn how to walk by faith and release things off my plate.