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June 12, 2017


 He will baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire.-Matthew 3:11.

As children of the King of Heaven we have access to all the power of God's own Spirit, and are capable of soliciting His intervention in all the workings of our world. Therefore we have great assurance that God has the perfect answer to every question, the ideal provision for every need. We merely have to ask. Enjoy your time in His presence today.





  • Pray for Mr. Shaw to be saved so he can love his wife as God intended and provide a good example for his children. Ask God to give his wife patience and strength as she deals with his bad behavior in the meantime.


  • Pray for Rose to have an abundance of godly wisdom as she continues to pray for her marriage to survive her husband’s neglect and irresponsibility.


  • Pray for Mardi who had thyroid surgery last week. Ask that her job will be secure after her recuperation is over. Pray for a rapid healing and also ask that her husband will find steady employment.


  • Pray for Lynn who is visiting her son and his family. Her four-year-old granddaughter’s fingers were damaged in an accident. Ask that she will be healed and that God will be glorified through this time.


  • Pray for Alison who is beginning a full-time position at BSU. Pray that God will bring her encounters with students who are knowingly and unknowingly seeking Him. Pray that God would grant opportunities to bless, encourage and empower the next generation of students and that he will make her an ambassador of Jesus, and a bridge connecting students to the goodness of our loving Heavenly Father. I ask for prayer for each of those precious lives and the impact they will have, on the generations to succeed them. She is also involved in a business cohort this month. God has already cleared the way for her to have amazing conversations with young men and women who are passionate about building ideas to create a better world. Join her in praying for more, impactful encounters during this time, and that God would anoint the words she speaks to share Kingdom philosophies in a way that makes practical business sense, and that the messages would bring God glory and spread His Kingdom in the marketplace. 



  • Pray for Marie who is having cataract surgery on Thursday. Ask that God will bless the surgeon’s hands and that she will recover quickly.