Daily Prayer Requests

  • My older brother is currently at St. Luke’s hospital due to COVID. He was just put on a ventilator and is not doing so well. Please pray for God to heal him, to take care of his family and comfort them during this time.
  • Please pray for my husband. He has a terrible sinus headache that’s effecting his eyes, but we have no money for him to go to the doctor. Please also pray that God would provide more for us so things aren’t so tight.
  • Please pray for a couple who just lost their baby and labor had to be induced. Please pray for this hurting couple.
  • Please pray for reconciliation in my family.
  • Please pray that my sister would return to the Lord.
  • Please be praying for the healthcare providers who are experiencing burnout due to the high levels of stress they have been facing, especially this past month. Praying that we do all we possibly can to slow the spread of COVID.
  • Please pray that the Lord God in His mercy protects one of my friends from all ungodly relations, from addictions.
  • Please pray for my grandpa who is terrified of COVID and stays home watching the news all day. He was recently saved and I long for him to live in freedom and not fear, that he would be wise but also that He would grow in his relationship with God instead of growing in fear due to watching so much TV.