Daily Prayer Requests

  • My friend passed away yesterday. Please pray for her family and friends as they grieve.

  • Please pray for a friend who had appendicitis last week. Please pray for healing.

  • Please pray for me as I have a CT scan on my kidney and pancreas this Thursday.

  • My niece is in the ICU, please pray for healing.

  • God is good, my sister who has COVID and pneumonia will be able to go home tomorrow to finish up recovering. Thank you all for your prayers and keep it up, God is good, He hears and responds according to His will.

  • Please pray for my friend that has health issues.  She just fought off COVID and now she is struggling to breathe.  They have her on oxygen but can’t seem to get her numbers stabilized. Please pray that God would help her breathe.

  • Please pray for my sister in Christ and her husband, as they both have been so sick from COVID and are not getting better. I’m praying that they will not have to go to the hospital.

  • I’ve been having problems and pain with my back & hip for a month now. Usually if I have a problem it resolves in less than a week, so this is unusual.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Germany, Clark and Ann Peddicord who are currently in Boise and who sent the following updates and prayer requests: Thanks for your prayers for us as we try to plan our return to Berlin!  We’re actually doing pretty well - the air quality here in Boise is, though, unfortunately more like Beijing than Berlin! I’m noticing that quite a bit in my breathing - especially since there is still some tinges remaining from the lung problems that put me in the hospital.

    • We would really appreciate your prayers for a “final” wrap-up appointment with the Immunologist/Rheumatologist that I have on Friday. We hope to get some clarity about when to head back to Germany.

    • We continue to meet with the “Philosophia Europa” team and hold Bible studies with the students in “Haus Nazareth” by Zoom but we are really anxious to get back as soon as possible.

    • Finally, would you also please pray for the parliamentary elections in Germany that are quickly coming - on 26. September. It is, as here in the U.S., a very critical and important time for the nation to make the right choices of who should lead the country into the future. The long-time previous Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is not running again and it is very unclear who might take over the reins.