Daily Prayer Requests

  • I have COVID and would like prayer for healing. I’ve been sick for a week and have developed a cough and oxygen is lowering.

  • Praise report! Thank you for praying for my pregnant wife. I wanted to share that our son was born 2 weeks ago and everyone is healthy!

  • Please pray for reconciliation within my family. The brokenness feels so heavy at times. 3 of my siblings aren’t speaking to my parents and one of them professes to follow Christ. My parents are Christians and trusting God in the midst of the pain but for me it’s hard at times to not feel bitter and angry about the situation. My heart hurts for them.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Italy, Brent and Hope Harrell who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • The man we asked for prayer for in regards to his vaccine last week got his second dose of vaccine. Thank you for praying for him, he is doing well!

    • Please pray for this Saturday's full day of prayer, neighborhood clean-up/outreach and then another time of prayer. Please pray for the Lord to use us to reach the hearts of those in our neighborhood.

    • Pray also for spiritual protection over our church. The enemy is never idle about trying to cause divisions! Pray for spiritual maturity and unity like never before!